2024 MSP 501 Winner Announcement

Tolar Systems Inc. has been awarded one of the world’s top-performing managed service providers (MSP) of 2024 in Channel Futures’ MSP 501 rankings.

What is MSP 501?

MSP 501 is the prestigious ranking of the top 501 companies determined by the editors and research team of Channel Futures. The ranking serves as a milestone for technology companies and evaluates them over their profitability, growth, and innovation. More specifically, the ranking measures, “annual revenue, profitability measured by EBITDA, and recurring revenue,” said Channel Futures.

Why it is important.

Channel Futures said this year’s list, 2024 MSP 501, was the most competitive year of the ranking’s history.

“The MSP 501 represents the best in the technology services industry delivering outstanding vendor and platform neutral advice and value to small, midsized and enterprise customers.” – Channel Futures.

When looking for an IT company, having an impartial perspective can be beneficial in making sure the company can truly deliver on its promises. With MSP 501, each of the companies’ data is looked over, so you can rely on the ranking as a trusted source for quality checking. To be listed in the ranking is an achievement because those are the top 501 companies in the world, keeping the global customer informed with trusted and grounded evaluation on the best MSPs.

Tolar’s Future

Tolar is continuing to move up the ladder in the ranking as we continue to implement our vision for the future. It is truly an honor to be one of the 501 MSPs in the world and serves as encouragement for continuous advancement in the IT world.

“We are so excited and honored to continue to be listed in the MSP 501 ranking. This award is further validation that we have a strong corporate culture of excellence and reassures our relevance as a top-tier company,” said Lance Tolar, CEO & Founder of Tolar Systems Inc. “Moreover, it acknowledges our dedication to serving our customers and serving them well.

If you are looking for a strong IT company who is recognized as a reliable and capable company, look no further than Tolar Systems.

For more information or for a free consultation, visit tolarsystems.com/free-consultation/.