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Lance TolarI believe that good teams are created by generous leadership.  I believe that generous leadership comes from having heart that is set on serving. This is the attitude that Tolar Systems has chosen to reflect in the services and solutions we deliver. At Tolar Systems, we pair our experienced consultants with solid dependable products so we can take care of the people and partners on our team.

I strive to create a work environment in which excellence, learning, growth, and character flourish. To do this, I surround Tolar with people who are self-motivators, are proficient in their work, and desire to be part of a team. We don’t just measure our business conduct by our core values, but we hold each other to them in all areas of life.  They motivate our interactions. They energize us to deliver consistent solutions to our clients.

Technology can be very disconnected from how a business operates. So we take a personal consulting approach by helping people define critical questions so that we can find the correct answers. We offer our clients the best solutions and then stop. We don’t sell you the latest and greatest if it isn’t what you need. I think that is the best way to treat people in business and in life.

Thank you for considering Tolar Systems as your provider.

Lance Tolar

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