Problems with sudden power failures are becoming quite common and can affect your systems without warning.  Solar and wind power have become standard in generating power in the areas of standby/backup power and off-grid power applications.  We have created two classification groups for solar/wind applications.

Standby/backup Power

While generators are required for larger loads; they can be problematic due to maintenance and fuel storage.  Smaller communications loads and critical loads can be powered by solar/wind generators.  These systems maintain or extend battery charge providing additional time until grid power is restored.

Emergency backup power will put you in control of power outages and natural disasters.

Off-Grid Power

There are some applications where commercial grid power is either unavailable or cost prohibitive to install.  These sites have historically been located in rural areas such as mountain tops or remote non-populated areas.  However, today it is common to install solar/wind along populated road ways due to the difficultly and cost of connecting to commercial power.


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