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Tolar Systems IT Support Plan Improves Productivity for West Techs – Chill Water and Boiler Services

With the implementation of Tolar’s Complete Care service plan, West Techs has been able to improve its workflows and increase productivity.  West Techs has also been able to avoid costly server infrastructure upgrades by leveraging the Tolar cloud. By working through the Tolar Systems’ IT support plan, West Techs was able to focus on and improve their core business.

West Techs is a Texas-based company that provides commercial chill water and boiler services throughout Texas. Their team is composed of operational employees and field technicians who help maintain and install the equipment.

In March of 2020, West Techs recognized a need for local IT support and assistance in managing their core application. The previous MSPs for West Techs were located in a different market and had only a few on-site employees. West Tech’s provider at the time had implemented a system that wasn’t stable and didn’t integrate all of their file systems together. They sought a local Managed IT Provider to partner with them to address the following issues:

  • IT support that was either too far away or under-qualified
  • Systems that were unstable and unable to be integrated together
  • Broken storage between the hosted server and the local server
  • The need for new software and equipment

The Solution

West Techs reached out to Tolar Systems in March of 2020 seeking solutions to the previously mentioned issues. Tolar implemented Complete Care for West Techs and delivered a more effective server architecture that allowed their applications to function in Tolar’s private cloud rather than the previous cloud. 

Tolar Systems provided them with new equipment that according to West Techs, 

“. . . was a huge help in the speed of operation and capabilities. Their new equipment improved the speed of processes daily!”

Tolar also utilized the Citrix platform to provide secure, robust access from anywhere in the globe with Tolar Cloud. Trace, the general manager at West Techs, mentioned the benefits of the Citrix platform:

“Before working with Tolar, we couldn’t access certain functions from anywhere, so the Citrix platform made it so we could access that from any computer. It became a very seamless process to get on the server and work remotely.” 

Tolar migrated the company’s on-premises file system to Tolar Cloud, which allowed for unified access and better connection for all of its field service professionals.

Tolar also re-implemented Microsoft 365, introducing new collaboration tools within Microsoft Teams that created a better communication experience throughout the field office and technicians. After implementing Microsoft 365, West Techs saw an increase in collaboration between office and field employees. The new software allowed the company to coordinate more effectively with technicians working onsite at clients’ locations.

Working with Tolar Systems has helped West Techs to successfully improve their business. They have seen a reduction in costs, due to the fact that Tolar cloud eliminated the need for local servers and costly storage upgrades. 

The implementation of Microsoft 365 has created a better connection between office and field employees. Field technicians have also been able to collaborate better with other employees onsite as well as those in the office. 

Through the vCIO Role, Tolar has assisted them in researching future software needed to streamline operations. Speaking of the VCIO Role, West Techs said, 

“Tolar’s vCIO is very good. It’s professional advice and consulting that we get to use at our disposal without any financial commitments which opens our blinders and makes us less hesitant to consider other avenues. It’s changed us from being reactive to proactive.”

Working with Tolar Systems, West Techs has been able to concentrate on its main area of expertise while also improving productivity. Trace, when speaking of working with Tolar Systems said,

“The best part is having a partner to solve our issues. It makes the issue itself much less stressful and helps increase our time spent on the priorities for what we are good at and trained for.”

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