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Cybersecurity Challenges Hit Texas State Government

Cybersecurity is a growing challenge for public sector organizations of all sizes, from small regional and local governments, to state agencies and the Federal government itself. Here in Texas we were recently reminded of this fact due to a ransomware attack that hit our state government on August 16. The attack impacted several state governmental agencies and at least one critical infrastructure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, system.

Learn more about this attack and what it means for local and regional governments across Texas on today’s blog.

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Why Today's Mobile Security is Identity Driven

Mobile devices have changed the face of cybersecurity. Where once, businesses could protect their data simply by ensuring that their company networks were secure within the organization's four walls, now with the advent of cloud applications and mobile solutions, there are a whole host of other ways that security can be compromised. That’s why Identity Driven Security has become the name of the game when it comes to protecting your business data and networks.

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Best Practices for Managing Office Moves and Renovations

Moving into a larger office space, adding a new location or renovating your current location to accommodate your business needsall indicate that your business is growing. Yet, moves and renovations are tricky propositions for businesses, especially when it comes to determining how to keep your technology up and running. The success of your business depends on making sure that all of your technology infrastructure is correctly moved and properly set up again in your new location.

Learn more about how to rise to the challenge of moving or renovating an office.

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