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Are YOU a HIPAA Business Associate? The Answer Could be YES for Attorneys and Accountants

HIPAA has been a key issue for health care providers and the technology firms that server them for more than 20 years. But recently, more companies are being defined as a HIPAA business associate. This means that even businesses not directly related to healthcare may now be required to comply with HIPAA regulations.

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Best Collaboration Tools For Small Law Firms

Collaboration Tools For Small Law Firm

Collaboration with case experts, opposing counsel, court officials, and colleagues in the legal profession can be a hassle. Until recently, it entailed numerous face to face meetings, mailing documents back and forth for review, and endless phone calls.

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Top 5 Data Security Tips for Attorneys

Data Security for Lawyers

Data security is a hot-button issue in the legal profession. A recent data breach at the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca recently gave rise to the widely publicized “Panama Papers.”  

Sensitive client data was divulged in the breach, leading the prime minister of Iceland to step down from his post. The breach also impacted many other high-ranking officials around the world.

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