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Microsoft Branding: OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?


As a leading Texas managed service provider and reseller of Microsoft cloud-based Office365 applications, we are often asked about the differences between Microsoft’s personal and business-branded products. One of the products that causes the most confusion is Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

We’re going to compare and contrast these two very different products in today’s blog. Read more after the jump.

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Best Secure File Sharing Tools for Your Business


Secure file sharing is becoming a real productivity challenge for many business owners, as more and more employees work remotely or from distant field offices. The bigger the file size, the bigger an issue this is – a 100Kb Word file is easy to email, but a 5G Powerpoint presentation presents real problems. Your attachment might be rejected by the recipient’s server if it exceeds the allowable file size, and it can take a long time to upload and download the files. During that time, you won’t be able to do much other than wait for the file to load.

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Best Collaboration Tools For Small Law Firms


Collaboration Tools For Small Law Firm

Collaboration with case experts, opposing counsel, court officials, and colleagues in the legal profession can be a hassle. Until recently, it entailed numerous face to face meetings, mailing documents back and forth for review, and endless phone calls.

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Eight Great Features of Office 365


There are so many great features with the new Office 365 that it’s hard to know which ones are going to be the most important for your business. The entire suite was built to enable and facilitate streamlined collaboration and communication – and it largely succeeds in this.

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