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Professional Email Addresses: 5 Benefits of Branded Email


“The only thing that is constant is change." --Heraclitus

Having a professional email address is crucial to the branding of your business. Branded email simply indicates the customization of email for a business. Instead of using a free email server like yahoo or gmail, a branded email looks like this: [email protected] Branded email not only simplifies and secures your data management, but it gives you control over brand consistency - an effective, and critical, step in a branding strategy. But most importantly, the negative impact that generic email has on your brand proves that branded email is the only reasonable selection for a business. For that reason alone it is cost-effective! But here are 5 more ways your company benefits from branded email.

5 Benefits of Branded Email

  1. Communicate Professionalism
    • Make a good impression through email -- it’s often someone’s first impression of your business.
    • Send the message that your business is more trustworthy than a company using generic email.
  2. Brand Recognition
    • Establish your company as a brand. When clients see your company name repeatedly, they will remember it.
    • Create brand consistency simply and without effort.
    • Promote your business through every email from every employee.
    • Your email branding travels with your email if it is forwarded.
  3. Drive traffic to your website
    • When your email address matches your website, it will promote your site.
    • Your website traffic will increase the more exposure the business name and URL get.
  4. Own Your Data
    • Branded email gives you control over your templates; customize them to your needs.
    • Use minimal bandwidth when sending emails.
    • View click-through alerts and usage graphs.
  5. Security
    • Get daily email backups on your server.
    • Significantly decrease the amount of spam you and your employees receive.
    • With a Tolar-hosted email, your data is secured at a second location and is protected in case of a server crash or other crisis.


Be professional; be memorable. Get a free quote from Tolar for implementing branded email into your business.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

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