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Tolar Systems has been serving the Abilene area since 2000, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Eight Signs Break/Fix IT is Right For Your Business

Could break/fix IT be right for your business? At Tolar Systems, we pride ourselves on providing professional, standards-based IT services to clients across Texas. We prevent problems with our clients’ IT, support their business growth and productivity and provide predictable, professional results at an affordable price. But, even though we think our service model is the best for most businesses, we know that managed services probably isn’t for everyone. For some, break/fix, hourly IT services may be a better fit.

How do you know if break/fix, hourly IT services is right for you? Learn more from Tolar Systems.

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Five Ways Break/Fix IT Breaks Your Budget

Many small business owners believe that choosing to only hire an IT technician when something breaks – what we in the industry call “Break/Fix” services – is more budget friendly than working with an IT managed services provider. In fact, a recent survey by CompTIA found that only 30% of businesses use any kind of managed services to maintain their IT.

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IT Support Options: Comparing Break Fix to Managed Services

Welcome to the first installment in our blog series about IT support options for small to medium businesses.

When most business owners think about IT support, they think about calling for help when something breaks. After all, when you’re having problems, you just want to get things working again. You might not be thinking any further ahead than: “I just need my email to work! I have customers waiting!”

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