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The Threat in Your Pocket: Mobile Security and Encryption

One of the biggest security threats that people may not be aware of is found right in your pocket. You carry it around with you every day. Wondering what it is?

It’s your cell phone.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous for most people in their business and personal lives. In fact, leaving your cell phone behind can cause many people to feel positively untethered, yet cell phones and mobile devices can also create a big security risk for your business if you’re not aware of how to maintain their security.

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Taking A Closer Look at Encryption

Encryption is one of the most controversial topics in the IT industry, and one we've blogged about in the past. It's also one that more and more of our clients and customers are asking us about. In the wake of costly hacks like the one at Target in recent years, businesses want to understand more about how to keep their critical information safe.

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Beginner’s Guide to Data Security and Encryption

Many of our customers in Abilene and beyond are asking us,

"What are data security and encryption, and why are they important to my business?"

After all, much of the business community here in the Texas Big Country and West Texas is comprised of small and medium size businesses. You might assume that because of this, business owners here don’t face many security threats.

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