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Email Spoofing: What it is and How to Stop it From Damaging Your Business

As with many other forms of cybercrime, Tolar Systems has been seeing an uptick in email spoofing attempts against the businesses we serve. In this post we’ll discuss email spoofing: what it is, why you should be concerned, and how to prevent spoofed emails from putting your business at risk with Microsoft Office365 Advanced Threat Protection.

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5 Reasons We Don’t Recommend Upgrading to Windows 10…Yet

With the latest upgrade of the Windows operating system to Windows 10, many people are asking whether Tolar Systems recommends moving to the new version. It’s a great question. Windows 10 offers some advantages over previous operating systems, such as better mouse navigation, an improved browser, facial recognition, and Microsoft’s new digital assistant, Cortana - but there are still some reasons why we are suggesting clients hold off on upgrading, at least for now.

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