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If you’re the owner of a small or medium size business, you may find yourself in the position of having to make decisions about IT questions that are outside your area of expertise. Questions like:

  • How can technology support my plans for growth?
  • Should mobile computing be part of my business’s plan for IT?
  • How can my company’s IT systems become more reliable?
  • What are the IT risks my business faces, and how can I manage them?
  • What IT trends are most likely to impact my business now and in the future?
  • What technology can help my business streamline processes and be more profitable?
  • What investments should I be making in IT? Which ones can I skip?

In a larger company, you could probably turn to your IT staff or your CIO (Chief Information Officer) to help with answering those decisions. But smaller companies may not have the right resources to provide the expertise you need to make these important decisions. That can mean you have to spend your valuable time researching and trying to find answers for IT questions that are not directly related to your core business.

What if you could have access to a highly experienced, knowledgeable IT professional that could help provide the IT industry knowledge and business experience to answer your questions?

Now you can, with Tolar Systems VCIO – your virtual CIO.

Prepare For the Future With VCIO

Your Tolar Systems VCIO can help you assess the current needs of your business, develop a vision for the future, and develop an IT strategy to help take you there.

Your VCIO can assist your business with valuable expertise in all aspects of IT, including:

  • IT Strategy and Planning – Your Tolar Systems VCIO can help you develop short term and long term plans to drive growth for your business through smart investments in technology.
  • Technology Architecture – Your Tolar Systems VCIO can help you determine the specific IT products and services needed to meet your business’s goals and objectives, and develop a plan to implement them.
  • IT Selection Process – Your VCIO can assist in helping you apply proven processes to select the right vendors to meet your hardware IT needs, from infrastructure and platforms, to software applications and hardware.
  • Cloud and Mobile Strategy – Your VCIO can help you define and incorporate strategies around mobile and cloud computing to cost effectively innovate and meet customer needs.
  • Budgeting – Not sure what the right level of spending is for the coming year? Your VCIO can help you develop budgets to ensure continued competitive advantage without excess cost.
  • Disaster Planning and Risk Management – is your business prepared for potential disasters? Do you have an effective back up plan? Your VCIO can help you understand and prepare for the risks your business faces.

The vCIO – Enterprise-level IT Expertise for SMBs

Most small and medium businesses may not need or have the budget for a full time CIO. Yet, they still need to understand how to leverage technology to meet their business objectives.

Business owners often try to fulfill this role; after all, who knows your business needs better than you? Unfortunately, while you know your business, you may be missing out the experience or knowledge on the technology side that a VCIO can bring. That puts you at risk of making decisions about your IT that may not be in alignment with current best practices or that don’t fully support the goals of the business over the long term.

This is the need that a vCIO can fill. A vCIO enables small and medium size businesses to access the knowledge and resources that a CIO – a technology professional with extensive business and IT knowledge – can deliver, without the high cost of retaining one on staff.

Your VCIO can accurately assess the needs of your business and translate those needs into an IT strategy that can help you respond to the most pressing technology-related questions facing your business.

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