Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

IT Consulting


Whether you are an IT professional looking to outsource or a business owner needing comprehensive IT services, Tolar Systems has you covered. Our expertise comes from 20+ years of experience and proven industry best practices. The services we offer include Disaster Recovery, Emergency Communications, and Vendor Mediation.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the most compelling uses of IT services. Without proper backup in place, your company is susceptible to major data loss. We emphasize prevention over problem-solving, which saves you from stress and avoidable expenditures. We can help you prevent disasters and protect your data if a crisis does occur. Read more

Emergency Communications

In a crisis, the longer it takes to establish communication, the more your systems can deteriorate. We not only lessen the chance of such a disaster, Tolar Systems guarantees a fast and reliable way to communicate with the people needed most during a crisis. Read more.

Vendor Mediation

Relationships with technology vendors can be frustrating and even cause delays in critical projects. Tolar Systems can assist you by working with all parties to establish a contract that clearly denotes roles, warranties and more, therefore giving you access to your suppliers and support system, so that your business can fully operate. Read more.

Tolar Power

Our proven expertise in delivering reliable IT services allows our clients to operate with extreme confidence in their technology. We recommend the appropriate solution to every customer regardless of our short-term benefit. We believe that by treating our customers’ business as our own, we will prosper together.