Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

The Power to Change

Complete Consulting: Technology Integration for the Developing World

Technology delivers the power to change the developing world. but it requires adequate infrastructure and skilled resources to work - infrastructure and resources that aren't always available off-grid or in remote areas.

Tolar Systems can help. We provide end-to-end technology consulting and integration services for multi-national organizations and international nonprofits. Our team delivers tools. expertise and project management experience to ensure your technology infrastructure. power systems. and field communications operate as they should.

We focus on technology so your organization can focus on its mission: making a difference worldwide. tolar power to change solar panel

Complete Consulting Services

Tolar Systems works with disaster relief organizations and other non-profits in developing countries. quickly and effectively delivering reliable power and connectivity to schools. hospitals. businesses and entire communities. We build, monitor, and maintain the technology and communications infrastructure your organization needs to more effectively accomplish your mission, for both mobile and fixed solutions.

Our Services Include:

Power Requirement Assessment and Design
Assess current power systems and design safer. more reliable systems to deliver power when and where it is needed. Power is a critical challenge in the developing world - we deliver a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Power Micro-Systems Development
Design and build off-grid power systems. including solar/wind hybrid power. diesel power generation. battery backup power and micro-grid systems to generate and deliver power to schools. hospitals. field facilities and entire communities.

Networking and Computing
Design and build secure and reliable networks that deliver internet access and access to online storage and cloud-based computing resources for email. collaboration and file management. Your data is securely maintained and backed up in our U.S. data centers. yet available in any location via any device.

Complete Care
Tolar Systems manages and maintains your network and its resources with remote 24x7 systems monitoring. fast and friendly help desk services. cloud and network security services along with hardware. software and mobile device management and support. We prevent problems with your IT so you can work more effectively. and we deliver guaranteed response to issues at an affordable price.

Field Communications
We deliver communications capability and connectivity via satellite and wireless technology for emergency communications or where regular voice/data/video service isn't available. We deploy lridium/lnmarsat. VSAT fixed/portable satellite for voice/data. We secure digital two-way radio. Voice and Telephony SIP phone systems to help your organization stay connected even in the remotest locations.

Video Conferencing and Telemedicine
Internet-based conferencing systems improve communication between field teams. support distance learning and improve health care and quality of life by allowing doctors and medical staff to provide service to patients in remote and underserved locations.

Network and Physical Security
Remote monitoring of your networks and systems helps to ensure your technology resources are secure. We also deploy security cameras and access control systems to ensure the safety and security of your team and its resources.

Reliable Partners
Tolar Systems works with trusted technology providers like Outback Power. Skycasters. Motorola. Hytera. Dell. Polycom. Iridium/Inmarsat, iDirect and many others to provide complete solutions for organizations working in the developing world.

Local Support
We support local communities. working with reliable local vendors for solar, wind, and diesel power generation supplies whenever possible.

Tolar Systems: Delivering the Power to Change

Safe and reliable power, the right tools for the job and the know-how to make it work in a harsh environment are key to leveraging technology in support of international missions. Tolar Systems has more than 30 years of experience building and supporting technology to support our clients' missions. in the office and in the field. If it plugs in. we can make it work - anywhere in the world.

Tolar Systems' technical services are powering change in the developing world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization.