Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Tolar Systems Complete Care

Information Technology is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, yet many companies simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to maintain systems and head off problems before they happen. That’s why so many companies take a “break – fix” approach to their IT needs. After all, why spend money on IT when things are working?

Unfortunately, the break – fix approach could actually be costing you time and money. Time lost when systems break and you’re unable to be productive. Money lost when you’re forced to replace systems that, with proper maintenance and support, could have served your business much longer. In the worst cases, you may even be losing customers and business opportunities when IT issues mean you can’t deliver on your promises.

Break Away From Break – Fix

Tolar Systems’ Complete Care packages help your company break away from break – fix. We help you eliminate lost time and money spent handling IT problems. Tolar listens carefully to your needs and recommends the tools and solutions you need to do business more efficiently and effectively, and provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your solutions deliver maximum value to your business.


Be Proactive with Complete Care

Our consultants help you make the technology decisions that save time and money.Complete Care provides the level of service you would get from an internal IT department, but more efficiently and economically. Tolar Systems proactively monitors your system for problems, and prevents them BEFORE they happen.

With Complete Care, you’ll have the right tools to focus on your business, and the comfort of knowing that your technology has the support it needs to continue delivering results for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CPAs and Accounting Firms

We help some of the largest CPA firms in Abilene focus on their core business and the needs of their clients, without lost productivity dealing with IT issues. We ensure that you are able to work collaboratively and efficiently in the office, at client sites, or anywhere your business may take you. We provide complete solutions – from software and hardware, to storage and backups, networking, security, maintenance and troubleshooting – without the high cost of maintaining a dedicated IT staff or lost time dealing with IT issues.

Law Firms

Tolar Systems serves some of the largest law firms in the Big Country. Our exceedingly high standards for security make us the optimal choice to keep your important client information protected, including document transmissions, computer functionality, and safe archives for documents, emails and more in the cloud. Regular data backups ensure your essential information is safely preserved and easy to restore. We also offer incremental backups, so you can access past versions and recover needed information.

Oil and Gas

Texas Oil and Gas companies rely on technology to be efficient and productive, yet it can be difficult to get reliable technology support when problems arise. Whether you’re in E&P, a service industry, profession (geology, engineering), supply house, or the trades, Tolar Systems managed services helps prevent problems before they happen. Whether you need data management, communications, servers, cloud resources, connectivity, bandwidth, backups, or overall system security, Tolar Systems can help keep your business running smoothly — with the best service team in the area.

Non-Profit Organizations

Tolar helps nonprofit organizations leverage their technology investments to improve workflow, collaborate more easily and serve your constituency more effectively – without downtime and lost productivity. We offer customizable IT services to support your unique technical needs, whether you need network and security support, email and collaboration tools, shared calendaring or other tools– it’s like having an entire IT department when you need it, but without the high cost and inefficiency.

How We Work

Every Tolar Systems engagement begins with a free consultation, so that we understand what is and is not working with your IT. We use this information to customize solutions that meet your business’ unique technical needs. We can help you increase collaboration on and off-site, integrate email, calendars and storage with hosting on the cloud to enhance employee and client communications, and securely access your data from anywhere in or out of your network with the help of VPN.

Tolar helps you do all this and more. Our Complete Care service packages include:

  • Guaranteed Response Time
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Cloud Services
  • Network Management
  • Server Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Asset Management
  • Software License Management
  • Software Patch & Update Management

Small and Medium Businesses

With the right technology and tools, small and medium-size businesses can compete effectively with companies of any size – but it takes reliable IT support to make it happen. Tolar systems can help. We offer a customizable solutions, from project based services to Complete Care, to meet your company’s unique technical needs. With us, you get the support you’d expect from an internal IT department, at a drastically reduced cost.

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