How to Spend Your End-of-Year IT Budget

end-of-the-year IT budget

With the end of the year quickly approaching, you might find yourself with a chunk of IT budget left to spend before you lose it. Give the matter some thought to ensure you spend your end-of-year IT budget on items that will improve operations and add value to your organization!

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your funds:

Invest in New Hardware

If your hardware is starting to show its age, now is a good time to spend your budget on new equipment. A nice new computer, tablet, or other devices will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your employees’ work hours. It’s also a good time to consider investing in replacement parts for hardware that could be damaged in the future, like laptop screens and batteries, or other accessories that can improve productivity.

Take this opportunity to investigate virtualization options. Virtualized desktops will allow you to easily deploy new systems, saving money on hardware and labor costs, while letting your employees use their own devices for work purposes. This option is becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking to cut costs without cutting corners on their employees’ productivity.


Security is always a top priority, and it’s especially important to invest in during the holiday season. Make sure you have good antivirus software installed and that your employees are aware of common online scams. Beyond this, hiring a managed services provider to establish a layered approach to security can help protect your company from future problems.

A layered approach to security consists of multiple security solutions working together to protect your systems. This might include a firewall, antivirus software, email filtering, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and more. By using multiple measures, you can be sure that your company is as safe as possible from online threats.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing is not only becoming more and more popular in the business world, it’s becoming an industry standard. Do you have a cloud strategy in place yet? Now’s your chance. A cloud strategy will allow you to transition your systems and data to the cloud, saving money on hardware, software, and labor costs.

It can be difficult to make the switch to the cloud, but a managed services provider can help make the process a lot smoother. They can help you choose the right cloud solution for your business, migrate your data, and train your employees to use cloud-based systems.

Team Training

Employees are your company’s biggest asset, so it’s important to make sure they’re using their technology to its fullest potential. Investing in team training can help your employees learn new ways to use their devices and software, making them more productive and efficient. 

Have you implemented any new solutions this year? Have you noticed a lag in productivity that needs to be remedied?  Tech training may be the answer, and your end-of-the-year IT budget can help make that happen.

Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes, you’ll want to be prepared. A solid disaster recovery plan ensures that your business will always be up and running in the event of natural disaster, cyberattack, or similar roadblocks. Investment in disaster recovery is one of the most important parts of any long-term IT strategy. If you don’t already have a disaster recovery plan in place, now is the time to develop one.

Don’t let your end-of-year IT budget go to waste! These are just a few of the many things you can spend your money on to improve your company’s technology infrastructure. Talk to a managed services provider to find out what else might be a good fit for your business.

Get in touch with Tolar Systems as you wrap up the current year and prepare for the year to come. We can help you assess your needs and make intentional IT decisions for your business!