Our comprehensive managed IT services and support empower Texas businesses by entrusting your IT operations to our team of experts, enhancing reliability, security, and efficiency. This proactive approach enables your business to concentrate on it's core objectives while ensuring seamless technology support and maintenance.

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Software Project Management

Our expert Information Technology Project Managers use industry best practices to support your Project Management Office (PMO) objectives. Using our proven processes and agile methodology, Tolar Systems can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company Abilene by better aligning the strategic goals of your PMO and your company resources.

vCIO Services

Let Tolar Systems lead your technology initiatives with our vCIO services.

Tolar Systems’s vCIO services in Abilene present an angle that many smaller Texas organizations lack, a dedicated technology officer. With technology being as large of an expense as it is, an organization’s technology budget must be utilized effectively. For enterprise businesses, the role of the CIO is an executive-level position that carries with it a great deal of influence on how these massive organizations spend their technology capital.

For smaller companies in Texas, these crucial decisions typically come down to the business owner. In many cases, however, the business owner is far too engaged in the day-to-day operations of their business to focus a lot of time and energy on managing its information systems and network. Our vCIO service for Texas organizations dedicates the kind of knowledge and technical skill of an experienced IT administrator, with the business sense of an operations manager. This allows us to assist small and medium-sized business owners and managers in the promotion of productivity, while also helping properly utilize company capital.

How Our IT Project Management Grows Texas Businesses

Our Abilene team will do a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s technology and operations. Your vCIO consultant will then discuss so that you can outline your business goals. Your vCIO goes in understanding that the purpose of business technology is to improve productivity, and with that in mind, your vCIO can come up with a customized roadmap on how to utilize your technology budget more wisely. Some initiatives our vCIO service can help you with include:

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