Security Awareness Training for Texas Businesses & Governments

We provide House Bill (HB) 3834 compliant security awareness training for businesses and municipalities throughout Texas. 

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Why Do You Need Security Awareness Training in Texas?

Because Phishing Accounts for 90% of Data Breaches

Statistically, phishing is the leading cause of data breaches in the United States. It is a cyber criminal’s fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information (passwords, credit cards, trade secrets, etc) by disguising themselves as a trustworthy source in emails and other forms of electronic communication. 

Once cybercriminals have access to your data, they can inflict serious financial damage and disruption to your business operation. For example, they can lock your data and hold it up for ransom (also known as Ransomware), or they can sell it to other criminals on the Dark Web–all the while making you liable for damages inflicted on your customer’s data as well. 

That’s why a Security Awareness Training Program is an essential component of every modern business. However, not all Texas businesses have the resources to administer a training program themselves. That’s where Tolar Systems  training program comes in.

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How our security awareness training works…

Here’s our proven process for training your Texas team to be your best first line of defense against cyber attacks, without disrupting your normal business operations. 


Texas House Bill 3834 Certified Training

Requires State and Local Government Employees to Complete a Certified Security Awareness Training Program

Due to the recent data breaches of Texas city governments and municipalities, the Texas House passed Bill 3834, which requires all state and local government employees to complete a certified Security Awareness Training Program. 

Our training program is certified with the Texas Department of Information Resources and is currently being used by many cities and municipalities throughout Texas. 

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