Our comprehensive managed IT services and support empower Texas businesses by entrusting your IT operations to our team of experts, enhancing reliability, security, and efficiency. This proactive approach enables your business to concentrate on it's core objectives while ensuring seamless technology support and maintenance.

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No matter the size of your company in Abilene, one thing holds true: technology is a key component of your business strategy and future success. Yet, many Texas organizations lack the support and resources they need to be successful with their IT.

The good news is, you’re not in it alone. Tolar Systems can help. We offer three levels of IT support that flex to meet the needs of organizations large and small.

Introducing Tolar Systems’ Complete IT Services approach.

IT Support Your Way

Whether you need a complete approach to managing your business IT, or assistance with specific functions or projects, Tolar can customize a solution for you. Our IT services include:

  • Managed IT: Technology, communications, and cybersecurity management that delivers the system performance you expect, with minimal disruptions, less risk, and lower cost.
  • Supplemental IT: A la carte IT support and resources to meet short or long-term needs.
  • Strategic IT: Projects and consulting to deliver more value from your technology and processes.
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Supplemental IT Services

For in-house teams that need a little extra help, we offer supplemental IT consulting services like staff augmentation, issue escalation, technology purchasing, infrastructure monitoring and maintenance tools to help fill the gap.

If your in-house IT staff is struggling to keep up with daily responsibilities or if there are gaps in skills or resources that need to be filled, Tolar technology, support and resources free your team members to better serve internal customers and deliver more strategic value to your business.

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Vacation Coverage
  • Issue Escalation
  • Technology Resales and Purchasing
  • Remote Network Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Outsourced Security Monitoring and Response
  • Server Patching/Monitoring
  • Backup Maintenance
  • Firewall Maintenance

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