Our comprehensive managed IT services and support empower Texas businesses by entrusting your IT operations to our team of experts, enhancing reliability, security, and efficiency. This proactive approach enables your business to concentrate on it's core objectives while ensuring seamless technology support and maintenance.

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Disaster. It’s not what you think.

Is your Texas business ready when things don’t go as planned?

We hope a disaster doesn’t happen. But if it does, what’s your plan?

An unfortunate 93% of businesses that experience major data loss close their doors within 3 years. Without proper backup in place, your company is susceptible to major data loss. Our 20+ years of experience in disaster recovery compels us to emphasize prevention and protection against data loss, which will save your Abilene business stress and avoidable expenditures.

Tolar Systems takes a holistic approach to business continuity by analyzing everything your business needs to operate–the people, technology, and processes. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a planning process that can be applied to any Texas business, small or large. It manages risks by providing a framework to ensure the resilience of your business in the event of any disruption.

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