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Tolar Systems Delivers Improved IT Performance, Reliability and Accessibility

Performance and reliability plus more predictable IT budgets. For the City of Breckenridge, it all adds up to increased confidence in IT without excessive cost thanks to Tolar Systems’ Complete Care for Public Sector, our solution for local and regional governments.

The City of Breckenridge is a municipal government located in Central Texas about 58 miles from Abilene. Breckenridge is the county seat of Stephens county, with a population of about 5,800.

The City of Breckenridge was using a technology service provider to handle their technical needs on an ad-hoc or “break/fix” basis. There wasn’t an internal IT team to manage technology needs for the city’s 40-plus users. Instead, the City Secretary contracted with outside consultants and vendors to fix issues and complete projects as needed.The city’s IMAP-based email system was also missing some key collaboration and security features, and connectivity was a common problem.

According to the client:

“We were experiencing a lot of downtime with our computers due to frequent virus issues. I kept asking our old IT organization what the problem was, and they couldn’t answer. We had no confidence in the IT services we were being provided at that time.”

Following a frustrating and costly attempted upgrade to Windows 10 where it was found that the new software wasn’t compatible with the city’s hardware and infrastructure, the city realized that they needed a more complete and centralized approach to managing their technology.

The Solution

The City of Breckenridge determined that the answer to its technology issues was to outsource IT management to a managed service provider, or MSP. The city was in the process of researching MSPs when they found Tolar Systems. Tolar assessed the city’s technology needs and recommended Complete Care for Public Sector – a managed IT service package for government entities – to provide more predictable and cost-effective management of the city’s technology needs, while minimizing downtime and improving constituent service.

The Process

Following a defined and proven process that includes alignment with more than 200 IT standards and best practices for public sector, Tolar Systems quickly stabilized the city’s technology infrastructure and eliminated its connectivity and communication issues. Tolar then began preparing the City of Breckenridge to implement its new cloud productivity platform. Once this preparation was complete, the actual upgrade to Microsoft 365 was able to be completed in about a day.

According to the client:

“We were impressed with how smoothly things went, from onboarding through our final upgrade to Microsoft 365. The level of communication was outstanding throughout, and we haven’t experienced any virus issues since we started working with Tolar Systems.”

Since contracting with Tolar Systems for managed IT services, the City of Breckenridge has been able to minimize technology issues and centralize all of its IT-related relationships under a single vendor. “We are experiencing fewer IT issues, and when we do have problems we only need to contact one vendor to get things fixed,” said the client “This saves us a significant amount of time and provides peace of mind that comes from knowing that the vendor managing our IT really understands our organization and is delivering a solution that works best for us.” Tolar’s expert IT services for local governments improved capabilities and IT reliability for the City of Breckenridge.

“Our confidence in our IT has skyrocketed. We’re more productive and able to work from anywhere. Complete Care for Public Sector and Tolar Systems have had a big impact on our organization.”

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