6 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Systems


One of the questions we are often asked is “what are the advantages of IT Outsourcing for small business ? ” There are a number of advantages which are especially crucial for small and medium businesses.

The most important advantages include:

More manageable cost: Sometimes outsourcing your information technology is less expensive, sometimes it is not. But, with outsourcing, your IT costs can definitely be made more manageable and predictable, either through information technology service contracts that cap expenses at a certain amount each month, or a managed service contract that provides ongoing service at a constant cost.

Less downtime and more productivity: Studies show, and our own customers agree (link to case study) that outsourcing IT leads to significant increases in productivity due to reduced downtime caused by IT system problems. Some sources indicate that companies spend as much as 80% of their IT related resources to restore service the 20% of IT systems that their businesses depend on. With outsourced IT, ongoing maintenance ensures that system outages are less likely, while professional planning for system backups and disaster preparedness ensures that even if disaster strikes, your business can continue doing business as soon as possible.

Better IT security: The world of information technology security is constantly changing, and it can be difficult for small and medium businesses with small IT budgets to dedicate internal resources with the right skills and experience to keep up with the updates and changes that are needed to keep your business information safe. An IT outsourcing firm that specializes in IT security – from knowing when updates are needed to patch security holes, to knowing how to keep IT systems physically secure – can solve this problem.

Fewer distractions: One of the big challenges small businesses face with their IT systems is that every time IT systems have a problem that needs to be resolved, it takes time and resources away from the core business. With an IT outsourced service firm, you can continue working on your actual business while IT problems are handled by skilled professionals. With a managed service contract, your IT outsourcing firm will even provide updates and maintenance that can prevent problems before they happen.

Better physical plant: Let’s face it, space is a big consideration for any size of business – especially businesses that are growing. IT equipment requires not just a certain amount of space, but also the right kind of space. A space with plentiful airflow, controlled temperature, a clean and dust free environment are just a few of the improvements that an IT outsourcing firm can provide in terms of the physical space where your systems reside, and they can make a huge difference in how your IT systems perform over time.

Happier systems lead to better business: People often don’t realize the amount of care and feeding (link to care and feeding article) that it takes to keep IT systems running optimally. Firms like Tolar Systems that specialize in IT outsourcing understand what IT systems really need to provide reliable long-term service, and we have the physical plant and know-how to provide it on a cost-effective basis.

These are just a few of the reasons why IT outsourcing isn’t just for big companies, but for any company large or small that wants to control IT costs while improving system reliability and core business focus.

How do you manage your company’s IT needs – in house or outsourced? Tell us about your decision in the comments.