Tolar Partners with LastPass, The Favorite Password Management Tool of IT Experts

LastPass password management

At Tolar Systems, we believe in only giving our clients the highest quality solutions that we would, and do, use ourselves.

LastPass fits that description. As a leading password management tool trusted by experts worldwide, there are a number of ways it protects your passwords and aids in your overall security.

That’s why we’re partnering with LastPass to give you even greater security while also making your life easier.

Here’s more on how LastPass works and why we recommend it.

Why You Need a Password Management Tool

In 2020, the importance of password security is widely recognized. It’s now more likely than not that you personally know someone who has fallen victim to some type of account hack, and companies that experience data breaches face serious financial consequences in the form of fines, legal penalties, and lost data.

Yet for understanding this significance, a frightening number of people are still just bad at password security.

Most self-created passwords are weak and repeated. While complex passwords using a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and that are longer are proven to be more secure, simple passwords (like “qwerty” or “hockey”) are the easiest entry point for a compromised email account.

Repeating passwords is also bad news, as using the same password for multiple accounts leaves all your accounts vulnerable if just one is hacked; and yet, as many as 65% of people reuse passwords, according to a 2019 Google survey.

To solve the problem of avoiding simple passwords while not forgetting the many unique passwords they have to create, some people create a list of passwords and account login information. But this also presents a problem; using browser- or phone-based password storage is not secure. And using things like spreadsheets to try to stay organized is also a misguided idea that can prove disastrous to your security.

Password sharing within an organization also becomes problematic when multiple team members need access to shared resources, but don’t have a secure way of sharing login information.

These dilemmas prove the importance of using a password management tool to simplify secure password practices. Your organization needs to be unified in how you create, share, and store passwords securely.

Why We Implement LastPass

LastPass solves these problems of security and practicality by storing all your passwords in one secure platform that can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

LastPass simplifies your password security by:

  • Implementing single sign-on. Instead of trying to keep track of multiple unique passwords based on your memory alone (and most likely forgetting them) or writing them down in an unsecured place, you just have one master password to account for.
  • Creating passwords for you. LastPass will suggest a unique, complex password when you create a new login for an account.
  • Auto-filling your passwords. This feature saves you time and simplifies your online experience by filling in passwords automatically when you return to a site that has login information saved.
  • Simplifying password sharing. Members of your team can access shared LastPass folders, eliminating the need to share passwords through unsecured channels and ensuring everyone has prompt access to what they need.

LastPass also not only improves the security of each password-protected account, but it also includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect your master password. This adds an extra layer of protection to ensure your LastPass account holding all your essential passwords stays secure.

LastPass stands out among other password management tools because of its seamless integration with mobile iOS and Android technology. Its user-friendly design and features improve every user’s ease of access.

Another feature of LastPass that is invaluable for businesses is that it allows for organization-wide reporting of password habits and strength. This is something that becomes impossible when employees are creating individual passwords based in private accounts.

But with a standardized password management system like LastPass, you can keep close track of your entire organization’s password security.

Increase Your Security with Password Management and More from Tolar

We understand the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity, from monitoring suspicious activity to using strong password security to providing security awareness training to minimize human error.

Just like all our security offerings, password management is an essential piece of the security puzzle protecting your business—but no one piece alone can provide you with full protection.

For truly comprehensive cybersecurity, we recommend our Complete Security service, which covers everything from vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to compliance services, user training, and more—and now our partnership with LastPass as well.

We look forward to assisting you in strengthening your cybersecurity, in password protection and beyond.