How to Protect Against Cybersecurity Attacks During an International Conflict

security alert button on keyboard - cybersecurity during international conflict with russia and ukraine

It’s no secret that international conflicts have a serious impact on businesses. With the recent international conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many businesses worldwide are being affected. In addition to the potential setbacks caused by supply chain disruptions and economic impact, businesses also face the risk of cyber attacks. These attacks can be incredibly damaging and can cause significant financial losses.

The US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and associated tensions could bring a greater threat of Russian cyber attacks to US businesses and cautioned all organizations to strengthen their cyber defenses.

In this blog post, we will discuss some ways that businesses can protect themselves against cyber attacks during an international conflict. We encourage you to reach out to professionals at Tolar Systems for more information!

Ways to Protect Against Cybersecurity Attacks

There are a few key ways that businesses can protect themselves against cybersecurity attacks during an international conflict. Here are just some that we believe can help your business.

Improve Employee Security Training

One of the best ways to protect your business against cybersecurity attacks is to ensure that your employees are properly trained. Employees should be aware of the different types of attacks that can occur and how to identify them. They should also know what to do if they suspect that an attack is taking place. Although human error is one of the biggest vulnerabilities that organizations face when it comes to cybersecurity, employee security training can transform your workforce into another cyber defense.

Implement Stronger Cybersecurity Measures

In addition to employee training, businesses should also implement stronger cybersecurity measures. This might include things like two-factor authentication and data encryption. These measures can make it much more difficult for attackers to access your systems and data.

Seek Help from Cybersecurity Professionals

If you’re not sure how to best protect your business against cybersecurity attacks, seek help from professionals. Cybersecurity professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you implement the best possible security measures.

Experienced cybersecurity professionals can help you:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your systems
  • Develop security policies and procedures
  • Train employees on cybersecurity best practices

Stay Up to Date on Cybersecurity Threats

Another important way to protect your business is to stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity threats. By understanding the types of attacks that are happening, you can be better prepared to defend against them. There are many resources available online that can help you stay informed about the latest cybersecurity threats.

Improve Incident Response Plans

In the event that your business is attacked, it’s important to have a good incident response plan in place. This plan should outline the steps that need to be taken to minimize damage and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Additionally, your incident response plan should include a way to contact and seek help from cybersecurity professionals. This can ensure that you get the assistance you need to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Increase Your Cybersecurity Budget

Investing in cybersecurity can be expensive, but it’s important to remember that the cost of an attack can be much higher. By increasing your cybersecurity budget, you can help ensure that your business is better protected against attacks. Investing in cybersecurity will help you save money in the long run. (How much is too much? Check out our article on IT spending here to learn how much your business should be spending—or saving—on IT services!)  

Reach Out to Tolar Systems for Help

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