Tolar Systems Joins the Abilene Industrial Foundation

Texas flag and American flag - Tolar joins Abilene Chamber of Commerce

NOVEMBER 2021: Tolar Systems was recently added to the esteemed Abilene Industrial Foundation (AIF), a private sector representative for the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. Tolar Systems is honored to join this esteemed group of businesses that strive to cultivate Abilene’s economy through small businesses.

What Is the AIF?

The Abilene Industrial Foundation has been driving economic development to the private sector since 1962. The AIF aims to cultivate the region’s economy through entrepreneurial support, business expansion, and workforce development. 

AIF helps businesses by facilitating connections with funding agencies, identifying building sites, and providing guidance on job incentives and training programs.

What Is Tolar Systems?

Tolar Systems is a leading provider of IT services throughout central and west Texas. Tolar Systems provides IT support services such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and IT consulting for small and medium-sized companies since 1999. 

Tolar Systems delivers a signature package called Complete Care which is designed to deliver the experience and infrastructure to eliminate IT issues to help your business operate more effectively.

The process of being added to the AIF is in direct correlation to the work ethic that Tolar Systems delivers. In doing so, Tolar Systems provided affordable IT services to businesses of all sizes. Doing so put them on a list of the top 501 managed IT services in the nation.

The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses with Cybersecurity.

Cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats to businesses today. Therefore small businesses need to be wary of how much money they’re allocating towards cybersecurity. The reality is that many small businesses lack the resources of larger corporations which means that investing in high-level cybersecurity can be difficult. 

As a result, hackers can easily attack small businesses using malware and phishing methods. To protect themselves, small businesses can invest in firewalls, train employees on cyber security, and maintain physical control over computers at all times. To learn more about Tolar Systems visit our website here or schedule an appointment for a free consultation to find the right technological needs for your business.