Why Tolar Systems Buys Professional-Grade Equipment.

If you’re in need of a new desktop computer or other technology solution for your business, such as a printer or mobile device, it might be tempting to run down to your nearest consumer electronics store to get the item you need. You might even be thinking about buying from an online store. On today’s blog, Tolar Systems shares five reasons why it’s a mistake to buy anything other than professional-grade equipment for your business.

If you’re in need of a technology solution for your business, such as a printer or a desktop computer, it might be tempting to run down to your nearest consumer electronics store or online retailer to get the item you need. At Tolar Systems, we think that’s a mistake. Here are five reasons why.

Consumer technology costs more over time – Consumer-grade equipment can sometimes offer a seemingly great price up front. But over time, it typically fails to deliver value. Why? Because consumer products are built to be a “consumable,” rather than a durable product.

Equipment manufacturers believe that there is a fundamental difference between consumers and business users. Consumers typically buy new equipment based on innovative technology – the latest bells and whistles. Businesses, on the other hand, buy new equipment based on benefits and Return on Investment, or ROI. To achieve ROI, most businesses need professional-grade equipment that is durable enough to deliver ROI over a period of three to five years. In the consumer world, most technology products are considered “obsolete” after just 18 months – and that means they don’t have to last as long.

Because of these differences, the products that are developed for consumer and business use are different. Consumer-grade products are built with shorter lifecycles, since they move more quickly toward “obsolescence” after one or two release cycles. After that, components such as batteries or cooling units may require replacement. Manufacturers may also reduce the level of support that they provide.

b2ap3 small surface multiple monitors e1463787896292In fact, this issue has brought some consumer technology manufacturers under fire. Apple recently admitted that it intentionally throttled speeds on some of its older devices to preserve battery life of older lithium ion batteries. In response to consumer outcry, Apple has offered free battery replacement to its iPhone 6 customers. This is just one highly publicized incident that illustrates a common issue with consumer-grade technology.

When you buy professional-grade equipment and technology, you get a higher quality product that is built to deliver value over a longer life span, enabling you to drive higher ROI from your initial investment.

Your business has unique needs – Every piece of equipment you buy for your business has to exist within an “ecosystem” of other devices and infrastructure. It’s important to understand how each piece of equipment will perform within that ecosystem.

When you buy professional-grade equipment from a managed IT solutions provider like Tolar Systems, we take the time to understand your requirements for each new technology component as well as the ecosystem of which it will be a part. If there will be compatibility problems, we can predict them in advance and suggest alternatives. On the other hand, if you buy consumer technology from an electronics store, you won’t get this kind of support and will have to research device and infrastructure compatibility on your own.

Businesses need business-grade support – If you’ve ever experienced a long wait time when calling for consumer technology support, then you’ve already experienced one of the biggest challenges of using consumer-grade equipment for your business. Consumer equipment manufacturers assume that there is little urgency involved with getting your problem solved. However, when a business has problems with their technology equipment, they can’t afford long wait times to get those issues handled.

When you purchase professional-grade equipment, you get professional-grade service to go with it: faster response time and a stronger commitment to getting your technology problems solved so your business can get back to doing business.

Business-grade technology equals business-grade software – We’ve talked previously about the differences between Microsoft’s Personal, Home and Business products. When you buy from a consumer electronics store, you’ll typically get the Home or Personal version of software bundled on your device.

When you buy professional-grade equipment from a managed service provider like Tolar Systems, we’ll bundle your software with the right version of the software for your business.

Why pay retail? Consumer electronics stores offer competitive pricing, but it’s still retail pricing. When you buy from a managed IT services provider like Tolar Systems, you’re able to take advantages of the pricing we receive as a distributor. We also help you integrate the equipment with your current systems so you can drive maximum ROI.

Any cost savings consumer equipment might offer in the short term is no substitute for the durability, reliability and great service your business can achieve with professional-grade equipment and service that really meets your business’s needs.

When you purchase professional grade equipment through a managed IT service provider like Tolar Systems, you get a higher quality solution that delivers value to your business over time along with a commitment to ensure that the technology you purchase truly fits the needs of your business. Contact Tolar Systems today to learn more.