Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Tolar Systems' Services

Information Technology is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today, yet many companies simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to maintain systems and head off problems before they happen. That’s why so many companies take a “break – fix” approach to their IT needs. After all, why spend money on IT when things are working?


Today’s small and medium businesses rely not just on tools that enable communication – such as email or phone service – but on tools that help you collaborate with customers, partners and vendors. You need a single solution that helps you get control of all the different ways you communicate, whether it’s via email, text or phone – on mobile, desktop and smartphones – and integrate them so that no matter where you are or who you’re working with, you’re on top of it all.


Disaster. It’s not what you think.

Is your business ready when things don’t go as planned

We hope a disaster doesn’t happen. But if it does, what’s your plan?

An unfortunate 93% of businesses that experience major data loss close their doors within 3 years. Without proper backup in place, your company is susceptible to major data loss. Our 20+ years of experience in disaster recovery compels us to emphasize prevention and protection against data loss, which will save you stress and avoidable expenditures.


Why Cloud?

Big or small, businesses manage a significant amount of valuable information. It takes only a second for a computer or server to crash, taking hundreds of dollars of data with it.

By going Tolar you won’t be worried about server failures or technical problems. Our Cloud Storage is simple, affordable and comprehensive. Data is managed and protected, and even in the case of a crisis, you can relax.


IT Training and Application Integration

Tolar Systems offers quality, cost-effective training courses for both beginners and professionals to expand their IT know-how. We keep the classes small to allow clients plenty of individual assistance from our experienced trainers.


Whether you are an IT professional looking to outsource or a business owner needing comprehensive IT services, Tolar Systems has you covered. Our expertise comes from 20+ years of experience and proven industry best practices. The services we offer include Disaster Recovery, Emergency Communications, and Vendor Mediation.


Our expert Information Technology Project Managers use industry best practices to support your Project Management Office (PMO) objectives. Using our proven processes and agile methodology, Tolar Systems can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company by better aligning the strategic goals of your PMO and your company resources.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a planning process that can be applied to any business, small or large, that helps to manage the risks that threaten its survival by providing a framework to ensure the resilience of the business so that it can continue to operate in the event of any disruption. Business Continuity is not something implemented at the time of a disaster; Business Continuity refers to those activities performed daily to maintain service, consistency, and recover ability. A successful Business Continuity Plan is built on stable processes that provide repeatable results.


Planning for emergency communications helps your team overcome the long-term impact of an event.

The ability to communicate is something most of us take for granted, and this is never more true than in an emergency. For a business undergoing an emergency situation, the response in the first few hours will determine the long-term impact of the event. Without prompt communication to the appropriate people, the situation will continue to deteriorate.