5 Ways Tolar’s Cloud Services Can Help Your Business

man using cloud services on an ipad

As the number of businesses migrating to cloud services to increase their efficiency continues to rise, so does the competition to provide these services. Tolar Systems is a company that provides cloud services to help your business grow and succeed. Our team of experts can design, develop, monitor, and maintain your custom cloud solution to fit your needs while saving you time and money. Here are five ways Tolar’s cloud services can help your business:

Protects Important Data and Information

In today’s business landscape, it is crucial to protect your data from being stolen or compromised. Tolar’s cloud services can protect and recover data to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

By using a cloud platform to access your data, you protect it from being stolen or corrupted. This is because the data is stored in secure, offsite servers to avoid hazards that may damage the information.  Tolar’s engineers designed this cloud to be extremely reliable to ensure your data will not be lost to hardware failures or natural disasters.

Lowers Infrastructure Costs

Data centers are expensive to build, maintain, and operate. Tolar’s cloud services can lower these costs to save your company money while still protecting data. By utilizing the cloud to store data instead of on site servers, you reduce costs associated with building a new facility to house your equipment.

You reduce costs to operate the data center as well because there is less equipment to run and maintain. This also lengthens the lifespan of your hardware, causing you to delay costly replacement or upgrade purchases. The cloud’s main advantage over traditional systems is cost-effectiveness. Businesses throughout the world are choosing the cloud over legacy solutions because of its low cost and high efficiency.

Increases Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud services can increase the flexibility and scalability of your business to meet high demand for products or services. Tolar’s cloud services are built to be scalable to accommodate business growth, adding new equipment to your applications as you expand. Your company is also able to adjust to changes in market demands by scaling up or down to handle workloads efficiently.

Improves Collaboration

Tolar’s cloud services can boost collaboration to improve creativity, innovation, and productivity. The cloud allows you to securely store files to share with your team to work on together, reducing the time spent searching for information and sharing it with others.  This extra time can then be spent on further developing services to increase your business.

Tolar’s cloud services helped the company, West Techs (include link to blog post), to increase their productivity and collaboration. After Tolar Systems migrated West Techs’ on-premises file system to Tolar cloud, West Techs field service professionals had a better connection as a result of the unified access on the cloud service.

Creates Possibility of Remote Work

As the onset of COVID-19 began in March of 2020, many companies found themselves scrambling to allow their employees to work from home.  Having a cloud allows businesses to continue their work from anywhere, which is an ever-increasing option companies offer to their employees.

Tolar’s cloud services allow employees to securely access files from home and allow them to work from their personal residence and to stay productive.  This can be beneficial to both the employee and employer to continue to work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tolar’s cloud services have a lot to offer to businesses to provide security, lower costs, and increase efficiency. If you’re looking for cloud services for your business in Texas, now is the time to get together with Tolar Systems to talk about your technology, starting with a free, no-obligation consultation for your business.