Tolar Systems Appoints Phillip Poarch As New President

Phillip Poarch

Abilene, TX, FEBRUARY 8, 2022: Tolar Systems is proud to announce that Phillip Poarch has been appointed the new president of the company. As an experienced business leader, Philip Poarch will succeed Lance Tolar and assume responsibilities starting in 2022.

Lance Tolar will carry on his role as the CEO of Tolar Systems. Since he is no longer working on day-to-day operations, he has more time to focus on innovation. Lance Tolar plans to continue developing new products and expanding the company’s reach into new markets.

About Philip Poarch

Philip Poarch has been with Tolar Systems since 2012 and previously led the Tolar team as Director of Operations and Vice President before becoming the president of the company.

His background in HR combined with my fifteen years of IT experience helps him bring the perfect mix of people, processes, and technology to operations.

When it comes to his position at Tolar, Poarch stated, “I love helping businesses grow and achieve their potential by matching the right technology to their business needs.”

Phillip received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Management from Abilene Christian University in 2009. Before coming to Tolar, he spent six years working in the IT field learning to troubleshoot issues, unify processes, and implement complex solutions.

About Tolar Systems

Tolar Systems is a leading IT service provider in Central and West Texas. Since 1999, Tolar Systems has offered IT support services such as helpdesk assistance, computer consultation, and IT advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

Tolar Systems works to create customized technology solutions for a variety of businesses. They provide their clients with ongoing innovation and cutting-edge technology. Tolar Systems is focused on meeting the needs of its clients and exceeding their expectations.

The work ethic that Tolar Systems provides is directly linked to the company’s new president. As a result, Tolar Systems delivered low-cost IT services to firms of all sizes. They were added to the top 501 managed IT services in the United States after doing so.

The Importance of Innovation for Small Businesses

In order to stay competitive, small businesses need to continuously invest in innovative technology. This can be a challenge, but it’s important for the future of their business.

By embracing innovative technology, small businesses can improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Tolar Systems prides itself on providing ongoing innovation and cutting-edge technology to clients, and always aims to exceed expectations.

To discuss how Tolar Systems can help your business with finding innovative IT services, contact them today.