New Year, New Equipment: How Tolar Systems is Using Microsoft Surfaces to Improve Productivity

Microsoft surface pro

It’s a new year, and for Tolar Systems, that means the newest Microsoft Surface devices are now in use at our facility in Abilene, Texas. We’ve already seen how the hardware is helping improve the end-user experience, productivity, and throughput time while also reducing costs overall.

Why the Update?

Tolar first implemented Surface to provide a better experience for employees and improve their workflow. That’s been accomplished with the purchase of the latest Microsoft Surfaces, as well as improving processes and procedures.

Here at Tolar Systems, employees have been using the Microsoft Surface laptops to improve the end-user experience, productivity, and throughput time while also reducing costs overall. With employees working from both the main office in Abilene as well as remotely in their homes, we wanted to implement tech that not only ensures business continuity but improves it.

The Surface keeps employees connected and productive with a high-definition connection while working from home. This 2-in-1 for business lets Tolar employees stay productive thanks to Wi-Fi 6 and optional LTE Advanced 9.

Testing Tech So That Clients Don’t Have To

At Tolar Systems, we only offer the latest and greatest technology to our clients after we have exhausted every possibility and ensured that it is right for them. We don’t believe in selling anything that we haven’t tried out ourselves, and that means we’re always looking for new ways to improve productivity and workflow.

With the Microsoft Surface laptops, Tolar Systems has been able to do just that – improve the experience for employees while also reducing costs. The Surface Pro is a 2-in-1 business laptop that is perfect for remote workers, as it provides a high-definition connection and lets employees stay productive even when they’re not in the office.

Features that Make the Surface Pro a No-Brainer

The Surface Pro has become just as popular with consumers as it is with businesses – but there’s a reason why businesses like Tolar Systems are opting to offer the Surface Pro tablets rather than other products on the market.

Some Surface Pro features that make it stand out among other hybrid tablets include:

  • Multiple ways to connect, including Wi-Fi 6 and optional LTE Advanced 9
  • A powerful laptop with long battery life for all-day use–up to 13 hours, to be exact
  • The ability to use it as a tablet or laptop
  • A stylus pen for drawing or taking notes

However, what’s even more important to us is the security features of the Surface Pro tablets. The Surface Pro has a number of security features that make it the perfect choice for our company:

  • A removable SSD card that can protect your data more effectively.
  • Removing the need for additional devices like tablets, Wifi Hotspots, and so on
  • Biometric authentication, such as facial recognition or fingerprint access, that reduces the reliance on passwords
  • Real-time and automatic updates to security systems
  • No third-party source code, minimizing the chances of firmware
  • Encryption using the discreet TMP chip has been improved and integrated from previous models

With employees working remotely in their homes, it’s essential that we provide a device that is not only connected and productive but safe as well.  Security is a major concern for us as a company, and Surface Pro has been engineered with our security protocol in mind.

The Bottom Line

Tolar Systems does extensive testing on all of our equipment – that’s why we’re confident that providing clients with Microsoft Surface Pro tablets will improve their end-user experience while also reducing costs.

We make sure that we only offer the latest and greatest technology to our clients after we’ve tested it ourselves, and found how well it will work for us before we decided to implement it in our company.

Want to learn more about how Tolar Systems can help your business move towards technological innovation? Contact us today.