Be Scared, or Be Prepared: When it Comes to Cybersecurity, the Choice Is Yours With Complete Security


As a business owner, what keeps you awake at night? Is it monsters under the bed? Things that go bump in the night? Here at Tolar Systems, we think there’s something even more frightening putting your business at risk: Cybercrime. And what better time than Halloween to launch a new cybersecurity solution that protects your business from it?

Today, we’re beginning the roll out of our new proactive cybersecurity offering, Complete Security. It complements our Complete Care managed IT services offering, providing complete protection against some of the biggest threats small and midsize businesses face in today’s world.

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

When you think of cybersecurity, do you envision a dark room with seedy criminals looking to hack into some Fortune 500 company’s network?

Well, you’re right about the seedy criminals part. But not if you think that small and midsize businesses aren’t at risk.

scary cybercriminal

In fact, small and midsize businesses are more at risk of cybercrime than ever before. More than 43 percent of cyberattacks in 2017 hit small businesses, while only 14 percent of small businesses rate themselves as being prepared. Lack of preparation could be putting your business’ financial information and your customers’ information at risk.

That’s scary news indeed. But, with integrated IT and security solutions from Tolar Systems protecting your business, you don’t need to be afraid. Instead, you can be prepared. Here’s how.

Integrated IT & Cyber Security

Poor cybersecurity is more than just a data breach. It also can result in files and data becoming inaccessible, or your employees’ or your customers’ personal information being released to the highest bidder on the “dark web.”

To prevent harm to your business from an attack on your network or exposure of your company’s data, your network needs proactive, not just reactive protection. Proactive cybersecurity defends your organization’s networks, computers and data from unauthorized digital access, attack or damage to your digital identity.

Many IT service providers provide a limited, reactive set of cybersecurity tools such as anti-virus and anti-malware protection, to respond in the case of an attack. But not many have integrated IT services with proactive tools and training that prevent attacks, detect data exposure and teach users how to keep themselves and your business safe.

Companies like Tolar Systems that do offer these services on a cost-effective subscription basis, called security as a service (SECaaS), are known as managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Why Consider an MSSP?

It’s scary how many small and midsize businesses are suffering from security breaches. And the number of businesses being hit is growing each year. That’s because criminals like to go after soft targets. And while many large enterprises have extensive security measures in place to protect their data, the vast majority of smaller businesses do not.

An MSSP like Tolar Systems works to change that for their customers. With Complete Security, our small and midsize business customers can enjoy the same level of proactive cybersecurity protection that larger enterprises enjoy.

With Complete Security and Complete Care, we help make your business a “hard target” by monitoring and managing your security at the network, user and device level, working to prevent and mitigate security events that could affect your business while also managing devices for your organization, educating users and monitoring the dark web to detect if a breach has occurred without your knowledge.

Our Complete Security services include:

  • User training
  • Identity/password management
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Domain name system filtering
  • Managing firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware services
  • And much more

At Tolar Systems, we’re dedicated to helping make the digital world a less scary place for our customers.This Halloween season, join us as we fight back against the frightening specter of cybercrime with Complete Security. Contact Tolar Systems today for a complete solution for your IT support and cybersecurity needs.