Tolar Systems Unveils New 24/7 Live Call Support Center


Tolar Systems announced today that it has unveiled a new live call support center that will deliver 24/7/365 live call answering for customers who require critical support before the next business day. 

The new call support center supplements Tolar’s online portal, email and agent-based support systems, allowing Tolar Systems’ customers to speak to a live representative during higher call volume times. It also allows Tolar to deliver live phone response outside of our regular business hours of 8am to 5pm Central time, Monday through Friday.

“Customer experience is the next battleground for IT managed service providers,” said Phillip Poarch, Vice President of Tolar Systems. “We believe that our 24/7 call support center will allow us to deliver the highest quality of customer service to our customers, enabling them to work anytime, anywhere more productively and with fewer issues.”

Customers are encouraged to use the online portal, email or agent for the fastest and most efficient issue resolution. However, in the case of a critical outage, or to speak to a live operator, customers may choose to contact us via phone. Additional charges may apply for technical support outside our regular business hours; all charges will be verified with each customer prior to dispatching an on-call technician.

Live Phone Answering 24/7

24/7 Live Phone Answer

The addition of live phone answering outside of regular business hours reflects changes in the needs of our customers and more broadly, in the American workplace. These shifts include increases in time spent working on mobile devices, remote work, and working outside the typical daytime shift.

In fact, a recent study by CareerBuilder found that more than 59 percent of workers believe that working a regular 8 or 9 to 5 shift is a thing of the past. 45 percent of those surveyed said they complete work outside of office hours.

The addition of 24/7 live customer support also reflects customer preferences for live telephone answering. A recent Google study that indicated more than 57 percent of survey respondents preferred speaking to a live person rather than contacting a business via their website or other means.

“We know that increasingly, our customers aren’t only working at their desks between the hours of 8 am and 5pm, and they prefer to speak to a live person whenever possible,” said Farrah Meadows, Tolar Systems’ Help Desk / Service Manager. “Implementing a 24/7 phone answering shows our customers we’re going above and beyond to ensure they get the comfort of a live person available to speak with them, no matter when they call in to speak with us.”

Contact Us Today

Tolar Systems’ new 24/7/365 phone support center ensures we never miss a call from our customers, during the business day or after hours. Customers can always speak with a Tolar representative who can direct their call at all times. Contact us today to learn more about how our managed IT service and customer experience team can support your business whenever you need us.