Five Ways Skype for Business Can Improve your Business Communication


Since being acquired by Microsoft and rolled into the Office365 productivity suite, Skype for Business has transformed. An application once known for free, Internet-based calling and messaging, is now an important collaboration and communications tool. Is it the the tool you need to support your business?

5 Ways Skype for Business Supports YOUR Business

How can Skype for Business help you improve communication in your business?

  • Calls and instant messaging from within Outlook. Instead of sending an email, you can quickly get answers to questions by sending a Skype message, or making a quick call.
  • Instant verification of team member availability. Got a question but not sure who is available to answer? Check on Skype to see who is available instantly.
  • Conference calls. Rather than use a conference calling application, set up calls within Skype and share screens so that everyone can see what’s being discussed.
  • Video calling. Sometimes nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, but you don’t have time or the ability to travel to meet with the person you need to see. Video calls are free within Skype: a feature your land-line doesn’t offer.
  • Anytime, anywhere calling. Unlike landline phone systems, you can use Skype from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. All it requires is a device with a working internet connection and the installed app.

In 2015, Skype was used by upwards of 300 million users worldwide each month. Some estimates show that as many as half of Office365 users have already incorporated Skype into their workflow. Yet, many users aren’t ready to give up their traditional land line phones, choosing to use both Skype and landline phone service.

Why Use Skype for Business?

Many of Tolar Systems’ clients now use Skype for Business, either in addition to or instead of their regular landline phones. At Tolar, we have completely switched to Skype for Business. We have found that not only is it cost effective, it allows us to better communicate with team members in the office, on client sites or working remotely. With Skype for Business, it’s easy to reach our technicians and other team members whenever we need them.

Skype for Business is included with Office365 at the lowest enterprise subscription level, with 60 minutes of free calling included. Convenience and low cost along with its many features convince many users to try the application. However, concerns about reliability and fear of leaving their land-lines behind cause many businesses to take a hybrid approach.

Whether or not you choose to use it instead of regular phone service, Skype for Business can improve your communication with coworkers and customers.

Do you use Skype for your business communication, or are you thinking of making the switch? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.