6 Reasons Why Healthcare IT Support Will Make Your Medical Center More Secure and Efficient

doctor utilizing healthcare IT support at his desk

Technology has revolutionized the way healthcare providers care for their patients. For example, medical records can now be quickly and securely transmitted between doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. 

This has improved communication between patients and their physicians as well as increased the security of sensitive patient data. It is imperative for medical centers to have reliable IT support to ensure these benefits continue. 

Here are 6 reasons why medical facilities need healthcare IT support:

  1. Wireless Tech Saves Money

It is the advancement in wireless technology that allows for charting at bedside, which saves time and is exceptionally cost-effective. Caregivers now spend less time on paperwork, leaving more time to focus on patient care.

While it may not seem like it at first, letting the healthcare provider focus more on outside of logging in and out of networks and searching for patient records is a time-consuming process. In facilities that encourage the use of handheld devices such as tablets, nurses can get the information they need and save money by reducing paper costs.

2. Enhanced Patient Care

By using healthcare IT support, medical centers are better equipped to securely transfer and store sensitive data. This ensures that patient records stay private and secure at all times, which greatly enhances the quality of care patients receive. 

Through applications such as electronic health records (EHR), providers have faster access to vital medical information about their patients, allowing for quicker diagnoses and treatments when needed.

3. Improved Communication Between Staff

Having a reliable healthcare IT support team in place improves communication between all staff members involved in delivering care to patients. Secure messaging systems allow for distributing important updates among physicians, nurses, administrators, and other health professionals. 

This way, everyone is on the same page and can remain informed about changes in patient care plans or other issues that require their attention.

4. Increased Data Security & Backup

Having a healthcare IT support team in place increases data security and provides additional backup for medical records and other sensitive information. By implementing proper firewall protection, encryption technology, and other security measures, hospitals can be sure all their patient data is safe from any potential cyber threats. 

5. More Efficient Record Management

Medical centers need fast and secure ways to access patient data whenever needed. Having a reliable healthcare IT support team in place improves record management, allowing for more efficient access to patient information. Electronic health records (EHRs) make it much easier for healthcare providers to store and retrieve records quickly, reducing the time spent on paperwork. 

6. Improved Patient/Doctor Communication

Having a healthcare IT support team in place allows medical centers to use various applications and technologies to improve patient-provider communication. For example, secure messaging systems allow doctors and nurses to quickly contact each other with updates on patient care plans or any other changes in their condition. 

In addition, there are now apps that patients can use to directly send their doctors messages regarding any issues related to their treatments.

Tolar Systems Can Help 

As you can see, healthcare IT support is essential for any medical center in order to provide quality care to patients. Taking advantage of your tech alone can be difficult. That’s why Tolar Systems is here to help.

Tolar Systems provides the most comprehensive and reliable IT support solutions for organizations that need fast and secure access to patient data. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your medical facility succeed.