Wrist Pain? Carpal Tunnel? Maybe Workspace Ergonomics Are to Blame

As office workers spend more time on computers, poor workspace ergonomics are causing a number of common health problems. Among the most painful and aggravating of these are carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendinitis caused by overuse and poor ergonomics of your keyboard or traditional mouse.

The technology industry is aware of the problems related to workspace ergonomics. Indeed, like most office workers, many of us deal with these issues first hand.

Over the years, technology designers have developed a number of different keyboard and mouse configurations that are intended to alleviate or prevent these kinds of problems. One of our favorites at Tolar Systems is the Evoluent Mouse.

What’s the Evoluent Mouse?

The Evoluent Mouse is vertical mouse that improves workspace ergonomics by moving your wrist into the “handshake position” rather than forcing it into a palms-down position.

This helps to alleviate many of the wrist problems commonly associated with a horizontally configured mouse. With a horizontally configured mouse, the tendons on top of the wrist must be constantly engaged by the forearm muscles to maintain the hand in the proper position. With the Evoluent Mouse, these tendons and the muscles that engage them are able to relax.

For many people, this improvement to workspace ergonomics is helpful to prevent wrist and forearm pain.

What About Keyboards?

Evoluent also makes keyboards that help to resolve other workspace ergonomic issues that are commonly experienced by office workers. One is the Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard, which (as the name suggests) reduces the distance that the hand must travel between keyboard and mouse. This is beneficial for people with shoulder problems. It also helps to increase speed and accuracy.

Other Things You Can Do

A new mouse and keyboard might solve some of your wrist or shoulder pain but there are other things you should do to further improve your workspace ergonomics and technology setup. A few of these include:

  • Sit closer to your desk or keyboard – this helps in maintaining a more upright position and reduces tension from having to stretch to reach your keyboard.
  • Adjust your desk chair so that your knees and elbows are as close to 90 degrees as possible. Don’t use drop down keyboard trays if they lower your forearms below horizontal.
  • Use a padded wrist rest to maintain your wrists in the proper position.
  • Get up from your desk and take frequent breaks. Remember that sitting in a stationary position for too long is hard on your entire body, not just arms and wrists.

At Tolar Systems, we believe good workspace ergonomics is crucial not just to be able to work comfortably, but also for your overall health. As an authorized reseller of many ergonomic technology solutions, including Evoluent, we can help you assess whether your current workspace setup is contributing to any health problems you may be experience. We can help you create a workspace that can help you prevent future problems and work healthy and happy. Contact us today to learn more.