4 Signs Co-Managed IT Services Are Right for Your Company

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Traditionally, businesses have had to choose between hiring an in-house IT team and outsourcing their IT services. Each option offers different, valuable benefits, so it can be a difficult decision. However, co-managed IT services are a rising trend that let you get the best of both worlds.

Co-managed IT services allow your in-house IT team to coordinate with an outsourced IT provider to help you fill all your technology needs. You get the benefits of having a professional IT provider that understands your industry, your business strategy, and how your technology can help you achieve your goals, combined with the immediate on-site support of internal IT staff.

There are many reasons why using a co-managed strategy for your IT could be right for your business. Here are just four signs to recognize that this solution could be the one for your company:

1. Your In-House IT Team Is Limited

You may reach a point where your in-house IT team is stretched past their capacity. Perhaps your company started growing faster than your IT staff did, or maybe you have only one IT expert trying to do the work of several people.

You always have the option to hire more team members, but if this is your situation, it could be the perfect time to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who can supplement your existing team.

When your IT staff is stretched too thin, it’s easier for mistakes and vulnerabilities to slip through the cracks, and your productivity will likely suffer because you lack the support you need to keep efficiency up. Dividing the work between your IT team and an outsourced partner will keep your team from becoming overwhelmed and your business from paying the price.

While your team is working on special projects, your MSP can handle routine maintenance, security, and troubleshooting. This will help you expand your business and reach your goals without sacrificing security. During periods of extra technological demands, an outsourced team can offer additional support.

2. It Makes Sense Financially

Maintaining a large in-house IT team is expensive. When you hire in-house staff, you’re not only paying each employee a salary, but you’re also paying for health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and office space. All of these overhead costs add up over time. 

Using co-managed IT services means that you don’t have to hire an internal team that’s quite as large. The monthly price of an MSP is usually around that of one salaried employee, but you gain the resources to make up a significant part of your team, and you have access to an entire team of experts who are prepared to help you with specialized issues and support.

Partnering with an IT company means you can keep your overhead costs low while still receiving the essential technology advice, support, and monitoring that you need to be successful.

Co-managed services give you low costs but high levels of support and productivity.

3. You Need Specialized Expertise

Your internal hired team may be limited in their knowledge and experience, especially if it is limited to only a few staff members. When you use an outsourced IT team, you have access to a broader knowledge base. You receive the support of an entire team of experts who are up to date on the latest advancements and practices.

MSPs stake their living on their expertise and knowledge of technology problems and solutions. If your team runs into a problem that they cannot solve, you have access to a team of industry experts who can apply their experiences to solving your problems. Since the world of technology is always changing, it’s always a good idea to have more minds to put to task at solving an issue.

A professional IT company will have worked with many companies, so their diverse experience can add greater insight into your company’s plan and pain points, even when they are complex.

4. You Need a Strategic Partner

One of the biggest benefits of working with an MSP is when it comes to leveraging your IT for business growth. Your in-house team may be extremely skilled with technology, but they likely don’t have the far-reaching view of an MSP who has worked with many different companies to help strengthen their IT infrastructures.

Co-managed IT services can provide you with expert advice on how to design your IT infrastructure to allow for the best productivity, scalable solutions that will grow with you as your business expands, and more.

You also get the view of a non-partial third party that can find gaps in your security that people inside your organization may not see.

An MSP can be a strategic partner in working your technology into your business plan in ways that will help you grow and reach your goals.

The Best of Both Worlds

Co-managed IT services are all about working as a team. You get the benefits of immediate on-site support from your in-house staff, while their work is supplemented by additional help from your MSP. And you can still maintain full control of your systems instead of turning the entirety of your support needs over to a third party.

Your IT partner can give support wherever it’s needed, whether it’s in answering escalated tickets, providing resources for special projects, offering specialized expertise for hard-to-solve problems, or just making sure everything’s running smoothly in the background. 

If these are needs you’re recognizing in your company, co-managed IT services are likely a great solution for you!

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